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Athame Rewards Card Terms and Conditions

Athame Rewards Card Terms & Conditions (updated 15/06/2022)

Rewards cards are available and applicable to those 18+ only. The Rewards card/use of the Rewards card is for persons 18 years old and over.

The Rewards card remains the property of Athame Piercings and can be rescinded/cancelled at any time for any reason.

Logo and other information included on the Rewards card shall not be copied, used or distributed without expressed consent from Athame Piercings.

Athame Piercings reserve the right to refuse service to individuals that speak or treat staff in an unacceptable manner. In the case of the individual being banned from the studio or asked to leave, stamps on the Rewards card are null and void.

Rewards cards are not transferable in most cases, changes are to be made at the discretion of Athame management.

Rewards cards are not to be sold on/gifted and will result in the card being void.

Vouchers/50% discount issued after the card has received the fifth stamp must be used within 12 months of the date issued.

Stamps are to only be applied to cards after a piercing. Jewellery changes are not applicable.

Only cards with official Athame stamps will be accepted, or if the piercer has signed with their initials.

Rewards cards can be used at any Athame studio.

Stamps can only be issued by reception/front-of-house staff.

The stamp will be applied to the Rewards card after the client has settled their bill.

This card cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer including vouchers up to a maximum of 50% off a single piercing. Cards are not applicable to genital or specialist piercings.

Lost Rewards cards become void and we will not re-stamp existing visits on a new card. However, this can be done at the discretion of the piercer.

For more information regarding the Athame Rewards Card, please contact

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